Much overused word ‘Boutique’

Last night I went to a delightful ‘salon’ of sorts held by The Society Film Club and Black Spring Press. A screening of Hitchcock’s adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s chilling stage play ‘Rope’. A marvellous evening and much enthusiasm for the work of the neglected english playwright and novelist whose hobbies included golf, chess and tying up prostitutes.

The venue, a very comfortable screening room at the Sanctum, Soho ’boutique’ Hotel. Their website describes it as an ‘alluring haven of hedonism’ where one can play guitar hero in the bedrooms.

I am finding that the word ’boutique’ much overused these days. This week I was employed by a ’boutique’ employment agency to create a photographic library for a ’boutique’ sparkling wine company.

Originally used to describe a small shop specialising in elite and fashionable goods the word has been used to distinguish from small ‘designer’ hotels from larger chains and is now used widely to describe niche products sold at high prices.