The Lord Mayor’s Show 2011

David Wootton, Lord Mayor.

On Saturday 12 November, London celebrated the installation of the 684th Lord Mayor of London, Alderman David Wootton at the annual Lord Mayor’s Show.  Based at Mansion House, his principal role is ambassador for all UK based financial and professional services.  Not to be confused with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who is concerned with the strategic governance of Greater London.

Crowds at the Lord Mayor's Show.

The procession is a spectacular show of Britain at its best with thousands lining the three mile route which passes from The Guildhall via Mansion House to St Paul’s Cathedral (where the Lord Mayor is blessed) to the Royal Courts of Justice where the Lord Mayor swears allegiance to the Crown.

The 6000+ participants included the Great Twelve Livery Companies (Mercers, Grocers, Drapers, Fishmongers, Goldsmiths, Merchant Taylors, Skinners, Habadashers, Salters, Ironmongers, Vintners and Clothworkers) as well as marching bands, charities, schools, Yeoman Warders, Pikemen and Musketeers, former Lord Mayors, sheriff’s, members of the clergy, the City of London Police and more.   Spectacular Carriages (some supplied by the Royal Mews), horses, sheep, Stephen Fry (doing a ‘fry-on-the-wall documentary), Clare Balding (trotting alongside the procession in inimitable style presenting for the BBC) gowns, fur, swords, muskets, pikes, bejewelled chains of office, maces – a pageant of colour and carnival to welcome the new Lord Mayor.

Trooper from The Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry Regiment. The escort to the new Lord Mayor.

Captain Alistair Bassett Cross leading The Company of Pikemen and Musketeers.

Yeoman Warders, Pikemen and Musketeers watching the procession outside Mansion House.

HM Forces salute.

Yeoman Warders.

Clare Balding presenting for the BBC.

Members of the Worshipful Company of Fletchers.

Members of the Worshipful Company of Fletchers.

Stan Brown, Ward Beadle, Port Soken and Malcolm Potter, Beadle, Bridge Within and Without.

Members of the Company of Pikemen and Musketeers at ease outside Mansion House.

David Lawless, the Lord Mayor's Coachman. The 6 horses drawing the carriage were provided by (when HM The Queen is out in a carriage she has 8 horses pulling it)

Pageant Master, Dominic Reid (r) chatting to members of the Company of Pikemen and Musketeers.

Caspar Wootton, grandson of the Lord Mayor.

The Lord Mayor and his wife are blessed by Canon Pastor Michael Colclough, St Paul's Cathedral. While the State Coach was unable to stop at the front of the Cathedral (due to the occupiers tents) the procession continued as usual giving us a rare glimpse of the blessing.

Alderman and Sheriff Alan Yarrow with his Chaplain, Canon Giles Fraser. (who resigned as Canon Chancellor of St Paul's on October 27 2011).

Doggett's Coat and Badge Men with Pikemen and Musketeer outside the Royal Courts.

Masters of the Worshipful Company of Drapers, Grocers and Mercers.

The Lord Mayor's State Coach outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

Aldermen Past the Chair - Carriage with former Lord Mayors, Sir John Stuttard (2006-7, Glazier), Ian Luder (2008-9, Cooper), Sir David Lewis (2007-8, Solicitor), Nick Anstee (2009-10, Butcher) l-r

Lady Mayoress, Elizabeth Wootton and son Christopher. The Lady Mayoress wearing English Tweed from Carlisle and gloves presented to her by the Worshipful Company of Glovers.

The Lord Mayor's Car. Registration LMO.

The Front of the Pageantmaster's Land-Rover.

The Lord Mayor's State Coach.

Outside Mansion House at the end of the Show.

Alderman David Wootton, Lord Mayor is not merely some ‘corporate lawyer chappie’ (Guardian Sports journalist Martin Kelner bemoaning the fact that the Show was broadcast on BBC1 in the place of Football Focus) who dresses up in gown and tricorn.  He works exceptionally hard representing the interests of the City both in the UK and abroad, giving over 700 speeches throughout the year and addressing over 10,000 people each month.  I might add that he does not take a salary for this position.  I wish him the best with the challenges that lie ahead.

The 2012 Lord Mayor’s Show is on Saturday 10 November.


Further images from the show can be seen on the following link

In May 2010 my book on the Company of Pikemen and Musketeers at the Lord Mayor’s Show 2009 was presented to HM The Queen by the Company of Pikemen and Musketeers.  The book can be viewed on the following link.

If you would like to buy a copy of the book (limited edition of 150) please contact me directly as I have some copies.  Likewise if you would like a print or license to use any of the images.

Pageant Master of almost 20 years, Dominic Reid OBE gives a lecture on the history of the Lord Mayor’s Show:’s-show